Today, we went to BCCH for more mappings and updates.   Cory isn't doing enough speech than I had hoped because it is frustrating on my part.  I can't hear it! When I practice with him..I don't know whether he did it correctly or did it at all!   You know that I relied on lip reading too.. well, Cory isn't that lip "mover" enough for me! 
At times, I would try to get him to say the word, but miss "hearing" it or he say it without moving his lips!  So I have no idea if he did it or not.   But when I prompt him to say it..people tells me that he did.  Oh.   So when we are doing speech..there is one thing for sure.  I have to do it right.  Then teach him..but did he do it or not?  that is really tough for me.  I realized up to this point..we need more speech sessions..like twice a week because of this unique situation.   It's really unfair to Cory when I don't hear it and he does it.  And if he does it..then I don't know if he say it correctly...again I'm not exactly an candiate for this.    I am his primary caregiver and I'm the only one that is around more readily to help Cory with his speech.   Sean can't do it..his working hours varies and someone has to teach Sean first..then do it with Cory.  Time is so limited in sense that it's not working for Sean to do it with Cory. 
We are thinking of private speech therapist..that way we can get it twice a week?  I wonder if there is a special fund for this such unique situation?   I don't know if we can afford one..ugh!

Statistics showed that many CODA children get speech sessions after being in Elementary school, because of deaf parents.  So exposed "oral" speech at home is not the same as hearing families...interesting.  But time is crucial because of "early year"s intervention is important...not latter years.  


  1. Please note: I am a talker and can hear him. If you want to drop him off here, I can talk his ear off...lol! :) If you need anything Karen, I can help out here anytime! Even if it's an hour a day here and there!

  2. LOL Bobbi! You're so funny.. Its more of HIM..saying words than listening. I don't know he say it or not..that's the problem. But yes..I'll keep you in mind for a hour or so etc. Thanks..