He knows who's deaf and hearing..

Interesting to see how Cory would try to figure out who is deaf or hearing..by communicating.   He won't use much speech with me because he knows I'm deaf!  so he signs to me most of the times.   So it depends on the person who use the method of communication, Cory will pick on that and use it.   Sean was home early for half day because of CA's doctor appointment at the hospital for Asthma testing.  So who knows how long it takes, especially in the hospital!  So Cory was non-stop talking and chatting with Sean using his voice.  I always miss that!!!  When I got home, he was signing to me and telling me this and that.  Sean was astonished!..He told me that he couldn't wait for us to get home to see how Cory has been chatting away but alas..I 'm here.   Smart kid! 

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