Little relieved...it's not just me anymore.

I am hearing from people telling me that three years old boys are harder than 2 yrs. old !!  So I know I have my work cut out for me..and from my blog, you all know what it is like with Cory these days.  And now, I am noticing that he is NOT afraid to show his feelings in public.   So it is more difficult for me ...it takes so much out of me and I almost forget to laugh these days.  This week, well, I has to say..it was probably most difficult..I don't know if its PMS thing that Cory get.  lol.. but I am glad to see the outcome of it though. 
On Monday, I took a break while Sean took Cory for few hours to preschool.  And Cory had the biggest meltdown there, he didn't want to leave.  He was screaming, crying..and refused to do anything (put jacket on..knapsack etc) . Sean's patience was wearing thin.  So he just grabbed everything and Cory then left.  Then Cory wanted his jacket, and so on.  Sean ignored him and continue to drive home.  Cory was screaming and crying..all the way home.  And when he got home, Cory was sent to his room until lunch time.   Sean was huffing and puffing..I'm standing there going like..oh what's new?   Sean has been telling me before that I just need to ignore him or whatever parenting advices he gives..but now he got the taste of it..and NOW he sees what I go through.    Fun wasn't it?  
Then the next day, we were on a field trip to Green Timber Park..bug hunting.  Unfortunately, it was little too wet to find more bugs but the kids seem to enjoy it.  When, it's time to go..Cory started screaming and I'm like oh here we go!!  But Teacher J interfered and told Cory that it's time to go.  And he started to get mad and said "Stop..no" and lashing out with a stick.  Which at one point, I had to take it away because people were potentially getting hurt.   He was screaming and crying...but I am glad that Judy did that because he really needs to start hearing it from other people.   So it's not all "me"..you know?  I told him when you stop crying and calm down, you can have the stick back.  Right now, it's dangerous to slashing the stick around.  Then I just walked away..of course, you can hear him screaming and crying as we all walking away.  Eventually, he start to follow us and calming down.
Today, he had another one during book time..he doesn't want to read book (which I am very surprised because he loves books at home...and read it all the times) He wanted snack N O W!  And was very stubborn about not to read book and was intending to do lights for clean up time.  (its not his turn..but it's more of making the ultimate decision what he wants to do)  At that point, he was fighting about not getting a book and wanting to do the lights..and until I had to give him time out because he was about to do the lights flickings.  (it's signal for "clean up"..so kids with hearing loss can see it visually)   Of course, you can hearing him screaming and crying in hallway.   Basically, I found a nice tool..I told him you can scream and cry all you want but you won't go back in until you stop.   It works. 

And then later, at the end of the day, before going home.  Teacher J asked me to stand by the door and give a donut to each kid as they go. (thanks to T's grandma for the donuts)  And all the suddenly, Cory started screaming and crying...he didn't want me to take the donuts!  He was saying "stop..no ! stop!!" he was about to jump out of the chair and run to me.  Teacher J has to interfered and told him to stop crying and tried to explain that he will get one but he has to wait.   I' m so glad that she was firm with him and not letting him get away with this.    I feel relieved...so it's not just me anymore.  

I had to tell you..this is VERY typical of hearing loss kid's behaviours.  So be prepared for that..it will get harder..but therefore it will work out and get easier when he gets older.  (by then it will be a different type of behaviour)  From my 17 years..of experiences..this is so typical.   I almost love the challenges that comes with so it makes my day interesting at the preschool daily.  It is never dull, I can tell ya.   But as a mom, it is more challenging for some reasons and bit exhausting.  One can't take so much huh?  I guess..this is probably why I take a hot bath with bubbles and a glass of wine daily...heh heh.  

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