Monkey see, Monkey do..found a way to keep him out of mischief!

He loves to help around the house..so if I'm vaccuuming, I would let him take a turn..he loves it.   He would help me washes the dishes..(why couldn't my daughter do that????)  He would take the clothes out of dryer, pick up weeds, sweep the deck and so on.   No it's not perfect but it's better than nothing! and I find that he is not so mischievous these days.   He wants to do what daddy is doing..so one Saturday morning.  Sean was shaving..and I thought it would be great to take out his shaving kit that he got for Christmas!  It was so cute~
The downside is..he is bit too helpful though, he would go ahead and help himself certain tasks when it's not time to do it or go into cupboards that it's not safe for him to go help himself. 
Like the RAID can..other day, I found bunch of baby spiders in front entrance, I had to get rid of them because I do not want webs all over the front door.  So I got a can of RAID to kill them.  AND Cory wants to try it and I said no. It's not safe for you .  Don't touch.  So I put it up on shelf for the time being..and sure enough, he climbed up and took it and he literally SPRAYED himself in the face! It was so close , narrowly missed his eyes !!  He was so surprised and really didn't like the taste and the smell of it.  He was screaming and crying..I told him that is poison, it kills bugs that we don't want.  At least, he is still alive..lol.  

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