Good Bye Mrs. Mandy & Mrs. Margaret & Miss Lacey! (at Cory's community preschool)

 This is Margaret and Mandy.  (Don't know the other little boy..but he wants to be in the picture too!)

His one to one Support Worker; Miss Lacey. We were blessed to have her!

I don't think it has "hit" Cory's yet...today it is his last day of school.  He saw all the little gifts for teachers today and said "Teachers' birthdays!!"  I tried to explain to him that its a good-bye gifts for them and it's last day...I'm not sure if he gets it!   But you can see how he watched today with everything unfolds, kids saying good byes to teachers, taking pictures and they gave Cory's a little present.  It should be interesting how he reacts by next week, he knows today is "Thursday" and there is no school typically until Monday.  I had to do the "calendar" today and I didn't put the picture of schools in it for next week..so we'll see how things go with using the calender system for Cory.  I'm trying to put in as much as I can for July and August with our plans so he can see it's summer. And show him that school starts again in Sept...

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