He passed another swimming class!

Well, it has only been a month since he passed first level of preschool and now he passed 2nd one into level 3!  I can't help wondering if it is because of wearing his CI in the water really helps him move along faster and really do the tasks that he was told to?   who knows? but I know I won't be allowing him to wear it in Preschool 3..because that is where he will be submerging the water more now and "actually" swimming on his own.   Yes I have been using ziplog mini snack bag AND swim cap! And afterward, I always check to see if any water have come in..nothing.   Part of the reason is that Cory hasn't really submerge and stay there , he just go and come up fast. 
There is one time that I forgot his cap and he didn't wear the CI during lesson time, he was really distracted and wasn't following through the class.  So it really does makes a difference!!!!  When we are at our pool over the weekend, Cory doesn't use his CI but we forget that he doesn't have it on! ugh. We tried to call him or talk to him etc..but end up chasing him or walking over to get his attention!  So much for relaxing with a book over the summer by the pool!..(not that I was gonna completely ignore him and get too involved with a book)   But I have to put the book down several times and walk over or wave my arms to get his attention!  Thank god, I can sign with him to tell him "not to do that" if he get into mischief or be able to communicate with him without his CI!  I can't imagine for other CI kids not knowing sign languages during those times! Summer fun is all about water play, beach, pool and sprinklers! 

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