Hands and Voice Picnic 2011

We really enjoyed the gathering on Saturday..for the first time, I was feeling at content where and who we are..no specific communication method nor feeling bias..  it was nice to see everyone accepting everyone who they are.   This is type of organization we need to have for parents of hearing loss kid. (without feeling so separate from one type of communication method to another or specific gathering of organization.)  Although, we are lucky to have Cory's ability to use his voice and sign as well.
The weather was good to us..the rain held out for us so we were able to play in park.  There was potluck, games, crafts, balloon makings, face painting and such.   I was fortunate enough to meet other families, especially with finding a friend for Cory with same age!!!  For the last two years, we weren't able to find one for him ..it was either one year too old, or one year too young!  And this family lives in Cloverdale!! Not too far from us.  I hope that the boys will go to same school together..but wait and see.   It's only another year anyway..a lot can happen.

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