whew..lots of happenings in our life right now.  I will try my best to give you the updates short version anyway.
My Baba is in the hospital for past two weeks, I have been juggling with no so my free time to accomodate her when I can.  Sean and I barely seen each other these days.  When he get home, I rush out to see her!  It is hard to not to be able to do anything but just be there.  I just hold her hands all the times.  Sometimes while she is sleeping, I just had to touch her on her feet but I forget how ticklish she is!  Baba isn't getting better..no much improvement.  My brother, Rob and wife came for the weekend to give us a break..it was a huge relief. I really did need a break.  Juggling work, two kids, CA's soccer and Cory's therapys.  AND now that mom and dad are finally flew home eariler than planned.  Its a huge burden off my shoulder. 
We didn't get the puppy, the breeder turn us down (ya we were supposed to get it past Saturday, after visiting two weeks ago..apparently we weren't "ready" and needless to say, I got a little freaked out when the puppies start pooping at the same time!!! oy oy..and some of them were gonna eat it! Im like ewwwwwww!  So I had to call for help!  The breeder wasn't impressed..she told me that it is ok for them to eat it.  I had NO idea that is ok.   HOW am I suppose to know?   Plus when we went to visit her..we asked to come in the morning but she wanted us to come in afternoon..so needless Cory missed his nap and he was so cranky, uncooperative and mischievious so she wasn't impressed with him and how I had to sat on him literally so I can focus on the puppies and her.    Oh well..the timing wasn't great with soccer still in season and Christmas is coming.  Originally, we ask for one in last Spring/Summer while I was off work..

Soccer..CA's team is doing so well that we are starting to win all the games..and CA did hurt her knee, it was scary.  CA couldn't walk on the way home with it. And she was out of soccer for about a week and half then I finally got the ok from the Specialist.  He thinks she may have dislocated her knee in sense that it popped right back so maybe a little minor injury but seems healing as we speak.   She went back playing once again..we lost that one game when she didn't play..(CA is a defender..) so they couldn't hold it.   Coach is so happy that she is back.  Me too!

Now for Cory!..we have been going nuts here with him , he is into everything these days.  Good and bad..like a "typical" boy, he is just being a boy!  I thought I'm not gonna sweat over it ..what I can't see, can't hurt me that kind of thing.   We finally found a preschool for him!! I'm so excited but yet..I am wondering making the right decision. Its about 5 minutes away and near Sullivans area.   (The Biggest Little Preschool).   We went to try it out today to see how it goes.  I think the teachers are overly impressed with him..they did looked worried about him because he has hearing loss etc..but once Cory showed how he functions and follow through everything .  One thing though, it was interesting to see..the classroom is very noisy..at all times, circle time, sometimes noisy, kid beside him were banging his boots together in rhythm, a girl beside him was talking all the times,  even though the teacher did tell her to shush few times.    To me..that is chaos..from a hearing loss persceptive!!!  I almost wanted to tell those kids to be quiet because its hard to hear but these kids are so used to it and it's something they custom to it everyday so they can still "hear" what is going on.  So at least, I get that..  what Cory really needs is FM system for that classroom especially for the teacher to use so it would be ONLY the teacher that Cory will hear during structure time.
I am really working on getting the FM system for Cory.  MCF might pay for some..not all..and I'm at loss. I 'm not sure how or who will pay for FM??   EHP did pay for them before for parents but now the funding for that has been cut two years ago.   What a timing!  Got to be a way of getting the government to pay for it..its an essential!!   Cory is more likely to start the new preschool in January, although they did say that he can start asap but Sean and I opt to wait until the Christmas festivals and such to be finished first.  They are doing bunch of stuff..so we don't want to overwhelmed him.  Best to start fresh in January. if all goes well.  He will still go to BCF on Mondays/Wednesdays, so he will get the best of both!
Anyway, that is what is going on with us these days.   Christmas is coming.....that is another story.

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