It is nice to hear..

You know how we are custom to life everyday and not really noticed little things what our kids do or how they grow? Well, my parents were away in mid October and came back last week..and they hasn't see the kids for about a month and week.   They couldn't believe how big CA is getting, personality changing (ya attitude!) and mannerisms etc.   And they do noticed how Cory has changed as well, his increasing vocabulary with speech and non stop "talking" these days.  Yes, they do noticed that his speech needs some work but he is saying lots of words.  STOP! I am not seeing it!!!! huh??? is it me ? did I miss something here? Or it is because I'm with Cory daily and not really see the "BIG" difference from the time when my parents were away?  Honestly, I have been bit tad worried about the progress Cory is making with his speech..it seems not happening enough I would thought. 
I am happy to tell you, that now Cory is starting to enjoy, appreciate music these days..so its a good step in direction. 
Tomorrow, we are visiting the Biggest Little Preschool, this time I have to leave Cory on his own (while I wait in the church foyer) and they wanted to see how he managed without me.  ha ha..I tell you, last week (they didn't see) but Cory did said to me "bye bye mom...go home".   SO no problem in that area. 

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