Monkey See, Monkey Do!|

ugh..in the past two weeks, Cory has been acting up, picking up little things that I never see him do.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch him in the class without him knowing that I`m there.  I saw him do things that was inappropriate and acts up.   It was hard to watch because no one really discipline him or take it seriously.  (Maybe I am too serious...)  But these little things, he did that at home and I didn`t find that funny at all.  (like throwing things, running around the room, kicking the table and playing `hitting` friends beside him.)   I keep thinking its the aftermath of `Halloween` and now its week two, and it hasn`t mellowed down yet.  Yet, at the same time, there are two new boys in the class who are doing those behaviours, I had my AH HA moment yesterday, seeing that they are doing that and Cory is naturally copying their behaviours!!!! ugh ugh! They started about two weeks ago.  Maybe it is easy to point fingers and blamed them but ONE thing I know about Cory.  HE is so visual , he picks on this visually and does thing the same.  `Monkey see, Monkey do`...its a good thing to have because he is watching EVERYTHING!!! but yes, it can be a bad thing.  I decided to keep looking for another preschool for him.  So he`ll have the best of both but he needs to see how other kids act too.
I noticed one thing, I think he is getting bored because all he does is wait and wait for the instructs to go but teachers are busy dealing with kids who are not cooperate and he get tired of waiting and start to act up?


  1. I do agree. There does need to be consistancy across the board, and not to allow children to 'act' out or have inappropriate behaviours. It's not fair to the kids who are paying attention. Having him in another pre-school as well would be a great thing for him. He'll be able to follow (monkey see monkey do) the other kids doing appropriate things. And the kids aren't allowed to get away with it. I'll keep my ear's to the ground as well. I thought that the mini rec had spaces available, but I'm not sure!

  2. I think that no matter what preschool you have him in there will be negative "monkey see monkey do" situations! Justin is driving me CRAZY with the things he is picking up from his fellow kindergarten friends!!! Every day I am saying "who did you learn that from???" or "who says that???"

    I remember Justin use to be this mellow, quiet boy who never ever would stand up for himself, if someone took something away he'd just let them! THEN I started taking him to a playgroup and he totally changed!!

    This is life, WE need to teach them not to follow along with their peers, we can't just pick them up and move them when others are around who are innapropriate! If that was the case we'd be changing schools daily, lol. We just need to teach them that just because so and so is doing it does not make it right for us to do! Also if these children are going to keep picking on Cory then maybe their parents should be there in the classroom getting on their childs case for the innapropriate behavior!!!! If the teachers are unable to control the children then the parents need to be there to help their child learn how to act properly in the classroom setting!!!

    I am truly sorry for Jasmine pulling Corys hair today! As you saw I did smack her hand!! She has never done that to anyone else and I think it may just be that Cory touches her a lot (pulling her to stand in line, pushing her to sit in her chair, etc) and she HATES to be touched by anyone, so now when he comes near her she looks at it in a negative way and thats why she pulled his hair! I am not saying its right by any menas for her to do this, just trying to figure out why she did it because she is NOT agressive at all to her peers!! AND I will NOT let her get away with those behaviors thats for sure!!!

  3. The Tues / Thurs morning class Julia is in at the Centre for Child Development had someone leave and a new kid added, so may be worth putting his name on a list, you never know. So many things to do there & great outdoor area. 20 kids and 5 teachers. They've added in a good amount of sign for Julia (all teachers are in Suzie's signing class!). 4 kids with varying degrees of additional needs-Julia is highest need, the rest are typically developing. Great group of kids and very experienced teachers. Negative behavior is re-directed swiftly and quietly without interruption. I'm very impressed.

  4. I did the same thing when I had problems with one of my children picking up bad habits from other kids in their preschool classes in the past. My child has expressed to me that he's feeling ignored in class and left out because other children demanded more attention from their preschool teacher. Worse thing was the teacher actually undermined my feelings about pulling my child out and actually made verbal threats towards me about it. She was upset about losing money not about the child. I had talked to her over the past about my child being ignored so often. she never took me seriously so that's when I had to pull him out. I've debated about hurting anyone's feelings by pulling my child out. I've concluded that it's not about other people feelings but about MY child and my decision as a mom to do what is best for my child. We all have to be a mama bear for our children and be our children's advocate.

    BTW he went to a new preschool which he loved and his teacher was awesome there. I only wished he went there in the first place. But at least my daughter had a privilege to go to that preschool as well. It's a perfect preschool for Cody since the teacher has the same values as you do. She even taught my kids how to cough/sneeze with mouth covered, etc like that. It was so nice to have a teacher who backed me up as a parent.

    You could check in rec centers as well? You can goggle under preschools in Surrey, B.C. also and there's a child center or social services center that has a list of preschools for kids. Check there as well.

    All the best!