Halloween..hate them or love them

At first, I was dreading it because I'm overwhelmed with this "behaviour" that Cory shows in the last few days, I don't know if its "sugar" allergy or it just overall, "excitement".  sighhhh. 
At preschool, we practiced Trick or Treating..that is one idea I hate over the years because its so crazy..and seems kids are all over the place and too many adults surrounding.  And it's hard to follow up if kids are actually saying "trick or treat" etc.   So I took in stride to step in to stand beside Cory to practice..and you can barely hear him saying it..or did he say it??? who knows?  but the idea is to.."Knock, knock..wait then when door open..say "trick or treat" etc..and say thank you.   Needless, after that was over, I was sporting a headache.  It was so loud and crazy.  I can see the looks from other parents.."this is too much..crazy!" (in other words "is it worth this?" 

But...when we got home.  It looks like he got the idea! He wanted to go out that night but it wasn't Halloween yet ..not until few days.  Groan..he has been somewhat little impatience over it and driving us crazy.  I couldn't wait to put the decorations away!!   lol.   The night of Halloween, we went before dark..so he is not too scared, last year we waited until dark and he was too scared.  So we just went to few houses and YES, he did it!  He went up to the door and said "trick or treat!!" and said thank you after.  I was so proud of him! Yes, at times, I would think some ideas at preschool may be not worth it..but it is.  Believe it or not..it does help and made a difference!
  All by himself!!!!  Remember, a word to the wise..practice, practice, modelling, show and tell etc..it really helps kids to understand more with specific things.