Life goes on..

I know I haven't written much these days..one thing we were so busy but another thing..nothing is really happening much.   The past week, we all have been taking turn being sick with head cold..
CA's soccer is almost finished..one more game to go..and tournment during Spring Break then TRY OUTS..this is kind of nerve wrecking because every year she has to go try outs to remain on the team if she makes it!   I m not sure IF I like this.  LOL.  

Cory..he is using his speech pretty good these days..but he talks like "deaf" kid.  Its like talking in ASL not sentences like hearing kid.  Interesting huh?   He just did testing at the BCCH and did very well.  He can hear up to 20 DB!!! with his CI's.    So we KNOW that he can  hear and understand most of the times.   So the next step is trying to find more extensive therapy for him to push along (and catch up) with his speech-language aspect.  
He loves his new preschool, but some things, we have to work with him to make sure he is not "getting" away with his behaviours.   I am happy that he got an one to one support worker but at the same time, I don't want him to depend on her.  The whole idea is still a shaking ground for me..so it's too early to tell if its worth it or not.   It is hard to meet with her to go over the things that we are trying to work with him.  One thing that I do not want Cory to get away with things THERE when we know that he is capable of doing certain things.   Its like one step forward and two step back because I'm not sure if they fully understand that Cory is a normal kid and stick with routines and don't treat him ANY different!   You know how some people can be clueless with kids that have hearing loss/or special needs, and may have let them do what they want to do to make things easier but it's actually harmful in long run for us.  
I had to laugh..one good situation.  They had a firedrill practice last week, and of course, Cory doesn't know what it is (its a new experience for him)..and it was during free play.  Cory refused to go and line up and get out of the building with them.  He wants to play..(its a routine interrupted) and they had to reason with him etc..then once they got outside.  Cory didn't pay attention, and didn't follow thru.  He was pointing airplane, he was distracted period.    One thing, I know that Cory is capable of..he CAN follow thru by listening and paying attention if YOU tell him to.   But Cory is stubborn that way..
I said..PICK him up  and Get out..just do it. don't let him argue with you.  They said well..its just that he didn't want to etc.  Then I told her..supposedly this is REAL fire drill.  are you gonna stay there and argue with him??    You have to really teach him that way to get him to understand the seriously of the situation!  and what would you do if this is hearing kid?  You pull him out too with explanations.  same thing.  So I guess my point is that treat him the same as others.  No special favours.
Another good example is that if snack time is finished..don't let him stay on when others are cleaning up and go on to next routine.  That is not fair to other kids..and that is what I don't want him to learn by taking the "easy way " out by his demands. 
He knows its circle/story time next..so he doesn't want to go there. He wants to finish his snack.  I can't help that he is like a cow eating so s l o w.    We use a timer at home for meal times..it really helps him because he knows that its time to eat and start eating. I wouldn't do that if its a different issue like he is eating slow for different reasons.  We already saw that HE can eat and finish at the same time with us.   Once accomplished that..then we know he can do it. 
My fav thing now..if he is grumpy or cranky.  I tell him to stay in his room.  He can come out when he is "happy" so that works for all of us.  If he get cranky again.  I just tell him to go to his room, sometimes I may have to "help" him to go to his room.    He has the rights to be cranky..just don't do around us.  :)))
and it goes for all of us.  I did got sent to my room one time..for being cranky!!   Fair is fair!  

Spring Break is coming..Carrie-Anne has two weeks off.  ugh..we were thinking of going to visit my brother's in Victoria, go down to Birch Bay (brrrrr) just for few days and I do have to work at least for one week . Plus CA has a soccer tournment as well.   It would be nice to go away but it's not happening for us this year. 

We have been visiting Baba at the hospital from time to time. She has been there since Nov. Now she has been moved to Nursing Home last week and seems to be content there.  I went to check it out and she was playing Bingo at the time.  I tried to talk to her few times ..she hushed me several times! LOL.. Got to love her!   At least, I get to play with footies and I swear she was gonna hit me with one of the Bingo card.  At least, she still has her sense of humor..that what keeps me going these days, I try not to worry about her.  Kids bought few things for her, to keep her amused, a spike ball that lights up, we would play catch and toss.  A box of puzzle, CA and Baba would try to do it together.  Sometime, I would sneak in a bit of chocolate, I can see her eyes light up so it is worth it. 
Love you Baba!!

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