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This is good to know.  I would think..?
 Last week, Cory banged his head against the table, it wasn't a hard hit or anything that would have made me jumped to see if he is ok.  Him being such a typical boy, he has some those moments, like running into walls, or falling down etc. Normally, he is fine.    But he was really upset and I told him..oh come on..its ok.   Knowing that he didn't HIT his head that hard.  But he was in tears and rubbing his head where the CI magnet is..and also his CI fell off as well.  So I just rubbed him and gave him his kiss and off he goes..but he was still crying and stamping his feet.  I realized that maybe it does really hurt where the magnet is.   I checked to see if anything..no blood, no bruise or anything.  But it is right on that spot.  Cory said that it really hurts! And I even tried to put his CI back on..he pushed me away.   I don't know if anyone experience that..I can imagine it might be very painful if its right on that spot.  He didn't want to wear the CI for the rest of the day..I did got worried.  I don't see anything transparent that considering any injury shown.  I wonder if anyone with CI experiences that?

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  1. Comment from a friend who is CI user herself.

    The CI internal magnet can hurt even you bump it lightly. No Cory is not making up this. My situation is a little worse, I have this permanent bump on my head exactly where my internal magnet is underneath. It freaks people out if they feel it on my head. If I cry hard or have a real bad headache or a cold, yep my internal part HURTS. It is not really that painful like the scale of 10 but you certainly can feel it in there. It would be like a 2 or 3.