Wow...some new changes.

Keep telling myself..this is the best for Cory over and over these days.  Guilt I guess, ..or loyal , yes. 

Cory has done amazing well at his current preschool. His needs are now changing...it seems that he is ready to move down a new path.  It was not made easily or lightly. We went to visit this program in Vancouver and checked it out.  Cory seems to fit right in..and was enjoying himself.  It was nice to see him connecting with kids there.  He was astonished to see that some of the kids have CIs! "Just like me, he said!!" I knew I had to make a big sacrifice for him once again. After all; we have to decided what is best for him and I know in the long run, it will be worth it.

Some times; some things aren't meant to be. So we had to make some changes at this point. Maybe with our experiences, insights and knowledge how we raised Cory to be, we can share this with others. 

In 2 weeks, Cory will start in a new program, twice a week for "group" therapy in this new preschool PLUS twice a week in hearing preschool.  I am sad in a way. This is really hard for me; I feel I'm betraying his current preschool. It is a wonderful preschool. But unfortunately we have to make a choice what's the best for Cory; it was a good match for Cory in the beginning but he has reached crossroads where it's not enough for him anymore. He has gained so much from his current preschool which will make him successful in his evdearvors
I thank them from bottom of my heart. Life is all about changes; it's time for him to go down a new path and it's the right path for him at this time of his life.

God Bless.


  1. WOW! That's a huge decision! I wish you all the best! Smile!

  2. He will do awesome there! If I was able to do the same I would too!

  3. aww..that means a lot to us! To hear from other parents..thanks.

  4. You will always know what is best in your heart for your kids. And somethings sometimes are a better fit than others. I'm sure that Cory is going to do wonderfully there! And you'll meet tonnes more parents to network with as well! It's a new beginning to the CI journey. And I'm sure that there will be many more different turns and changes as he gets older! :)