just confirmed..allergy test.

Today, it has confirmed my fear.  (not technically "fear")  But it's good to know so we can work our life around it..
Cory is allergic to few things, it's pretty standard.  ALMOST just identical to Carrie-Anne!! wow..talk about being "related" in sense...
He is allergic to milk, dog, cat, dust mites, pollens, and seasonal trees.   She said not to worry about milk or dog especially.   I did commented if I had to get rid of our beloved dog?  She said no because its just an awareness and its not FATAL.  He will have constantly runny nose from time to time.  So few things we have to do, is that Pepper isn't allowed in his bedroom.  That was easy..she never was! Even not in CA's too...she has asthma-allergy too.   But Pepper would need to be bathe more, just to get rid of "pet dander"..and of course hair brushings. 
The main thing is to vaccuum twice as much (2x a week) ...Sorry, Sean (that is his job)!!   And dusting too.   We have to make sure his beddings are protected with mattress cover, wash more often and so on.  (Same as CA's ) so that is easy habit for me.   
Milk..well, this is interesting.  I kinda of suspected that.   B U T, the doctor said not to stop giving him milk, it's so important for him and its not FATAL.  but rather just try to give him soy milk if I have to, give to him regularly and not "extra" milk for him which that I do sometimes with yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese etc.   I'm not gonna sweat over , having to look over ingredients before giving it to him etc. 

On the lighter side...the doctor was afraid to touch him when she saw the cochlear implants!!!  She was so dense in sense that she was like ????? what is that?  Couldn't she be more subtle?   Its the last thing I want people is to react to Cory like that.. jeeeez.   I tried my best to explain to her and that I actually said "it's ok..it doesn't bite!..you can touch him."  She gave me a dirty look. 
Wow..that is a first!

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  1. Some people, professionals or not, can be such asses! It is truly amazing how many people, there again professional or not, don't have a clue what an implant is! And YES people are afraid of the unknown! Sad but true! The sadest part of it all is with a reaction like that they teach our "typical" kids to be afraid of the unknown as well which really sucks! Kids learn from us, when we act like jerks so do they! Thats why we have so many judgemental kids in our society, learning from their parents!