It was so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   We went to see Santa few days ago.  Cory was so excited and he keeps telling me what he wants for Christmas.  I told him to tell Santa!!! not me.   LOL.  While we were standing in the line, Cory was taking all in with the Santa's house and the reindeers.  He started to tell me the "Night before Christmas Eve" story in ASL , I WISH I had my video camera!!!!  It was so neat to see that.  He also told me that he can hear the penguins "talking" and was imiating them.  I had no idea because the mall itself is so noisy, and I'm truly surprised that he caught that.
When it's our turn, Cory went right up to Santa and Santa said to him (he doesn't know that Cory is deaf) I'm not sure what he said "...blah blah...what do you want for Christmas?"  Cory said "gas ppppuu" using his voice, trying so hard to say the word "pump" so I had to help him.   He said "for my car ..candy! ...toys"  using his voice (CA interpreted for me...) I was astonished!   Santa started to sign abit to Cory, telling him to be a good boy, want a cookie? and then "Merry Christmas." in sign language.  Cory was so excited to see that Santa knows "sign language"..so Cory immediately started signing to him all sort of things, telling Santa about the Christmas story and reindeers, and then cars so on.  Poor Santa, needless he is not getting all that...CA and I tried not to laugh.   CA interpreted for Santa what Cory was saying etc.   Santa said "wow he talked and signed alot! "    
We had to go..Cory said "see you later!!!"  We noticed that Cory is so clever that he knows if YOU sign to him or know sign language, he will USE it!  But if you don't, then he will use his voice.  LOL.


  1. That's so cute! And now you have documented this wonderful memory here, and one day can have this printed as a book. The family will be able to read this together and see how wonderful the season truley is!

  2. ADORABLE!!! What a great Santa!