My little "princess"...

I'm ok with that..today Cory decided that he is a girl.   Thanks to a friend who had him today, she has two girls and Cory was playing with "girls" stuff. LOL.. In fact, he was wearing a princess dress today, he told me that he really likes it.   LOL   As a ECE teacher, we don't say anything negative about it...its is NORMAL for boys to be interested in certain things or girls to be interested in boys stuff.  I know some people would be "worried" about it..or its "not" manly thing..for instance, my husband.   He is telling Cory.."are you a girl?"..Cory kinda of said "yeahhhh".   LOL.  we had to laugh.  Sean was saying..nooooo you're a boy!   Then Cory said "pretending girl"..We pointed out how he likes wearing that pink dress today, it was fun pretending etc.   He was playing with dolls and was super "dad" with it. From what I hear..   So anyway, he decided today he is a girl.   okkkkkkkk
Time for sex ed????   He knows that girls are "girls" with body parts and so on.   so I natually asked him if I'm a girl..he said that no.  you're a boy".  huh????? I was like ...what?????    then I caught his little sly smile....whew..he is teasing me!  
This friend took a picture of him wearing the dress (from what I hear he didn't wear it for long!!) and I forward it to Sean and all he said was "oh boy...oh boy..." and I teased him by telling him that Cory refused to take it off, and that my friend let him have it..so he wore it all the way home and slept with it at nap time.   all I got was from Sean "oh boy..."

Too funnny..I didn't let him on that I was teasing...until he got home.   :)   I actually had to ask him..were you really that worried about it?  He said nahhh  (who knows?)

Maybe he will the pink pajamas tonight??? wink.

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  1. LOL, that is too funny! Funny that this happened today as I wrote on my facebook about the whole thing with Justin and his Strawberry Shortcake book! I think its great when a boy or man can wear things, play with things or like things that are normally for the opposite gender! Its important for our boys to have a soft side with that rough tough side! I have been really lucky with Rich and he has been great with Justin liking "girls" things!