Bear...Pear...I can't even hear the difference!!

Ack ack..seriously..speech is more intense these days.   Part of speech therapy, mom or dad are to be part of it... for instance,  role playing to show the child how it is done by examples or ideas.  
Today, C, the speech therapist, has to asked me to help..she has two items: one is a bear and another is a pear.  So I have to listen and point it out which is which when she said it.  ack ack!  LOL.  Like I said, I'm definite not a good example for this type of thing!  She has to sign to me beforehand to get the right answer!   ha ha  It is amazing to see how  Cory CAN tell the difference! Not right off the bat, but eventually, he did got it. 


At school, today, I was working on the names of CA's friends.  They get a kick out of it when Cory tried to say their names...Girls!  Suddenly, we had bit of a crowd...Cory didn't want to do it anymore.  It was nice to see and vision the possible idea of Cory going to CA's school one day.  When THAT day comes, I'm gonna cry.  It is a hopeful dream for all parents who have hearing loss kids..to be part of the world so they can grow and be strong! 

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