signing or verbal..

I think it's hard for Cory to switch over back and forth..when he talks..I don't hear it or understands him.  So he has to sign to me most of the times.  But it is nice to have that option between him and me.. it goes the same way for him.  IF I use my voice..which its part of therapy..he will use his voice but it backfires because sometimes I don't know what he is saying.  LOL.   So right now, we are using the concepts of who is hearing and who is deaf and maybe that will help him with the identify who is using voice or signings.  
I think it's a misconcept for Cory in a way..with CI, he is like "hearing" but without it he is "deaf".  so what do I say to him?   Even if I say, that you are "deaf" but he meet other deaf kids who doesn't use "voice"?  Yes, I would have to explain more in that details...gosh ..he is only three. How far do I go??  If he meet another deaf kid but this kid doesn't sign? but does act like hearing.    oh bother..

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  1. I will always tell Kristen that she is a deaf hearing child. Because you are right, with the 'aid' she hears, without it, deaf. I have let her have to try and figure out how to communicate with others. Because at this point some people would find it hard to understand her voice too. So she supports that with sign. And the people that she may be signing to may not understand that either. So to me it's the way of her figuring out how to get her point across, and the other's learning from her too. Now if there is huge frustration arising out of her, then I may step in and help her out. I think that as times go on that Cory will be able to know when he needs to use his voice and when to use his sign. He is such so smart, and I think that he'll quickly learn to understand that some kids can't use the equipment to 'hear' like he does.