We're baccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!

What a summer!! I know it's already Sept. 14 but my goshness..it has been super busy since then.  Some of you may already know that I'm back to work only twice a week.  It has been an adjustment but beside my work, kiddies' schedule were pretty full too.  CA already had her first soccer game on Sunday, started piano lessons on Wednesdays and of course lots of "catching up" from not being at home for two months.  (and a lot of CLEANING to do too!!!)
Cory started preschool today..I am not sure whether if that preschool is suitable for him. But I promised that I will try to wait at least until the end of this month before making a drastic decision (to pull him out and put him in a different preschool)
I hope that things will work out..I have faith that it will.  It has been an exciting start so far..I won't let anything let me down.  

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