"Deaf" Identity

By posting this blog, I know I'm gonna be opening a can of worms..but this is my son's rights.   

wow..I already suspected it before but from what Cory tells me, confirmed it.   We have been so busy in past month getting into the routines with school and all.   He starts at The Biggest Little Preschool three times a week (MWF).  He keeps asking about "other" school and I just tell him, have to wait.  And recently, he said to me "I want my deaf friends".  He doesn't care where he go, he just missed his "deaf" friends like him.   wow.  At this early age, he is able to know the difference and have his own identity.  I already knew that last Spring but actually hear him saying that now.  I was at recently gathering with some of the moms who have children with CI, and they were very interested in deaf community but they all had a bad "experience" with a deaf person or at an event or experience individually.   They were "shunned" for having a CI kid...from the deaf community so that's what they feel.  It's more common than I thought..

With recent events, and gatherings that we went to..it was pretty dishearting to hear and see that.  Even that my son saw their "reactions" when they noticed his CI.  Poor little guy, here he is thinking..what's wrong with me?   IF you pull that aside for a minute, you will see what a sweet little boy he is, and very animated with sign language and facial expressions, lots of gestures and his love for "language"..then you would think twice about his CI.

Ever since..now I'm sitting there and thinking.."what IS wrong with you??!!!!" toward the deaf community..if you continue this "attitude" and "behaviours" toward families with CI..YOUR deaf community will get SMALLER and SMALLER.  I don't know why they don't GET it..a lot of families that I work with, they tell me that they are interested in learning about sign language and deaf community, they do get the glimpse of having a "deaf child's identity". So therefore, believe it or not they DO went out to explore it but get nothing but bad results in an instant.

Yes, a lot of families with young children already have CI at very early age, there is NOTHING we can do but be supportive and educate them the importance of providing LANGUAGE and give them a chance to learn all aspects of communication DURING their early years.  I have worked with many families in early years and they DID and have show interests in sign language regardless if their child have CI or not, all I had to do is to show a path in finding a positive enriched experience to help and learn more about sign language and deaf community.
BUT, of course, we do have to support their choices at the end, whether they do or do not choose sign language but at least give them credits for trying and exploring all aspects of communication.  can't do it if their attitude don't "change" or if they keep shutting out families like that..just because of CI?  are you serious? are you kidding me????!!!    I will continue to fight this, when I SHOULDn't have to fight this.   MY SON have CI and he is DEAF, whether you like it or not.   BRING it on, I say.

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