Future Star

Cory has been playing Future stars soccer league for past month.  It was hard at first because it is bit distracting and out on field, so much going around.  He didn't really follow directions etc..so of course, I had to step in as "mommy's role" the "interpreter!!! so it began..I had to help him to interpreter what the coach say and what are the tasks he has to do etc.  Coach asked questions about certain things..and I know it's a bit of far reach for Cory to understand but I would tell him anyway.  He is really watching me and try to follow through.  Thank god for sign language because it is all "gestures" with soccer tasks and I can't imagine using verbal through that instructional time!  I didn't do it at first time, we went because Sean was on the field with him while I was on the bench.  and Cory was all over the place and not doing any instructional tasks.  So we talked about it when we got home and I think Sean was bit disappointed because it was gonna be "daddy and me" soccer stuff for him to bond with Cory.  But Sean doesn't have enough sign language skills to tell him or what to do in terms of soccer "instructional" tasks.   So now I have to step in and try to work with Cory.  It made a huge difference!   And of course, I had to be a "bigger" advocacy for Cory to help with coach how to use more hand signals and gestures for certain times so Cory can pick up cues and start practicing with the team.   It is great to have people who are willing to do that.  I know there has been a time or two that I had not so GREAT people in my life who refused to change or help me out because of my hearing loss.  but that is life!
Will have to post pictures soon with his soccer team..

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