We're back!!!!!!

Sean and I went on a cruise this past week. It was great! I have to admit it was hard for me to go ..but no regrets!  We noticed a big difference in Cory's speech lately since we got home.  Did my parents work hard with that?  I have no idea..we haven't had a chance to talk to them.  We got home late Sunday night...they were rushing out.  So overall, they said the kids has been great!  CA tells me otherwise..few things ..this and that.  no biggie.  I'm pleased to hear that he does get mischievous and has few temper tantrums with them.   hee hee..I know I'm bad..but at least it's good to know that I'm not alone.   Yesterday and today..there were alot of testings.  I just ignored him or throw him outside to let the "wild" side out of him literally.  I love that today we had to go to library to drop off the books. (he was upset that he didn't go to preschool today..due to his coughs).  I told him that we have to use our "inside voice" concept so he knows that its outside if he was too loud.  The minute I said that..he starts yelling..oy!!!  Of course, I had no choice to take him outside!!  But then I noticed he didn't get upset or start getting mad.   little bugger! I'm sorry I had to say that!    He did it so he doesn't want to go to library.   grrr.  he is getting smarter and I'm gonna have to be smarter!!
I gave him a choice ..you can go sit in the car or come in with me to find some books. He chose to sit in the car.  (good grief! I didn't think he would say that!)  so I had to be more clever...I'm standing there for few minutes trying to think of something to say. He was staring at me and waiting.  it was bit uncanny like what's mommy is gonna do now? heh heh.  I really want to get some books..
Anyone? any bright ideas?  I sat him down on the bench near adult books and said NOTHING.  I just literally grabbed a few.   (later I got home..thinking my choices aren't that great.)

Laugh of the day..we pulled into gas station.  I told him that the truck needs some gas.  He said "truck's thirsty?"

Good to be back...

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