He has to be "HEARD"!

Good grief!! I don't know if this is normal or not..(or rather a common occurrance) with deaf kids using their verbal voices at all times!   It has been driving me crazy lately..I had to keep telling myself..its a phase and he is just experimenting his voice.    It was cute at first, two months ago..but now it has increase to non stop..non chatting, screaming, at all times! I kid you not!   I miss the quietness of my home these days.  Yes I can turn off my hearing aids if I had to..which I do sometimes but guess what..I missed the door bells or phone calls because of that!   I then thought..ok..that is enough! He is being louder than he should..   I could hear him from upstairs!  so that's how loud he is these days..all the times.   CA is getting fed up too..she keep telling him to be quiet or stop it.   She would be doing her homework or try to read a book or doing piano lessons.  He just kept going on and on..
Funny, I found in facebook, a group of parents with kids who have CI, one particular mom has concerns about her son who is constantly verbal at all times especially in school! He is grade 1 and it is really disrupting the class and teacher has to tell him to be quiet at all times.  A warning bell just went off my head..and I thought I should watch him at school to see if that is what is happening.   It has been happening and I couldn't believe it!   They really need to nip in the bud with him with those distracting noise during circle or story time etc.   One teacher was saying that he is just experiencing his voice and she didn't want to disencourage that.   I'm like ?!?!?..but it's not right and it's not fair to other students.  She would tell them to be quiet during those times so why is Cory any different??  I do NOT want him to be treated different!
Here are the examples..during snack time, Teacher would ask kids different questions like "what do I need for?  what color cup do you want? "  Cory would be going "hoot hoot" making face expression to a boy beside him.   Then if a girl answered a question, Cory would yelled out " the answer" to copy (more of annoying thing ) with silly face.    (like mocking her)   He does that to his sister CA too with everything she say.  Its not funny anymore.   Sean would say under his breath.."what a moron!"  but it came to a point..enough is enough. 
I remember when I was teaching...There is a particular girl with a particular behaviour she does.  I thought it was so cute when she does that..and she does that a lot.  Until her mom told us its not cute anymore.  I'm thinking..huh?  She said with kids..sometimes they don't understand that is not how we behaves in general so they keep doing it and again and again.   It would be hard habit to break when they get older.  She even said to me "yes its cute when she does this now..but it won't be cute when she is 8 years old".   That really does it for me.  She has a point.  Sometimes we, as a parent, know when it is enough and we have to use our judgement whether we need to do or not.  
so for the last two days...I have been working on it.  I try to modelling it the difference between using nice quieter voice or really loud NOT appropriate voice while playing or during certain times.  I would role play what it was like for us when he does that etc.   AND I told him..after a warning..if he still does it..then he will have to go outside to play. (using the tactic of inside voice/outside voice) so sure enough..I had to kick him out few times.   As you may recall, it was POURING rainy on Wed?  and thank god for muddy pants and rain jacket.  First time, I did that..he was very willing..I thought oh no..my plans will backfired.  but after out there for 20 minutes..he didn't like it anymore. Yesterday, I had to "kick him out" four times and today only once..so needless he is getting better. HE is using his voice properly.   But as for school..that is entirely other matter...

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