Perfect!!!!! I found a label that is worth well..for my son's CIs.

I found these labels from Emily Press  (www.emilypress.com)  and they have these cutest little labels that you can chose from animals to special toy or sports , different background, colors etc.  I love the varieties that we can chose from.   It is specifically for on clothes, or shoes, or things are not "paper" so they stick better!   I love that it is also water proof..so it won't get ruin if it does get wet.  I often worried about my son's losing his CI..he is such an active boy. He forgets to put it back on if it fall out or he sometimes would just put it down somewhere and forget about it.  I can breathe a bit easier knowing that someone will call us if it is found. 
We have like 20 of them..so it will last!  We put one his Cochlear kit as well.  It is very handy!

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