"Snow Girl" by Cory

This morning, Cory vetoed not to go to school.  He wants to play in the snow.  It's nice to have a day off.  He told me that he wants to make a snowman..ahem..sorry.  "Snowgirl" , he says.   
He asked to help to find some rocks, sticks, hat, and bra!   Excuse me? I said.."Bra..please?"  I had to giggle, "nooo you can't have that.."   He was begging.."mom, pleasssssssssssssse!"  "nooooooo, it's not inappropriate."  "pleaseeeeeeee mom, it's my snowgirl!".    we were arguing for about 10 minutes out there..he was getting little mad.  Our next door neighbour was shoving the driveway, he was laughing and watching us.  
Jeezzz..no way!
Here's the photo..

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