Telling beforehand..

I find that lately, if I tell Cory beforehand with anything that I know "behaviour" will occurs..I would give him a warning and expectations.  It really works.  Cory is more cooperative now..and not so suddenly outbursts.
For example, before we go into the classroom, I would remind him to remember to play with friends nicely, share toys and when it's clean up time, he has to help or will have timeout etc.  
With cleaning up..lately I noticed he has been slacking off not cleaning up like he used to before...and then I noticed that the last two weeks HE has not been "helping" with clean up times at preschool, it was hard for me to sit in the observation room and watching him doing nothing!   I really tried to keep quiet about it but finally after two weeks and how he is not helping at home either.   That makes things harder for us...
So today I discussed with him, what the expectations are and most of all, be a good boy and have fun!

And another tactic that I know that works for him...(lucky me)..is "If you don't do it..Mommy will do it for you." HE HATES that!  He is so independent, he likes to do things on his own.  So I ask him to go put your clothes on or shoes on etc..and he doesn't..then I would tell him one more time, "if you don't do it..then Mommy will do it." You will see him scramble so fast and get it on hisself!!!  LOL.  
I also would start counting 1, 2, 3 and when I reach to 5 and he hasn't do it.  Then there are consquences.  He knows that.

One thing, I noticed that Cory is so dead on with routines, if there is a slightly change, he gets upset or mad.  Today at school, we ran out of time so there were no time to do "Auditory" games so we had to go straight to calendar time.  Cory starts yelling and getting mad..and I was like "I'm out of here!!" because its between him and his teacher.  (I'm so glad!!!) she did a great job explaining to him and eventually he accepted it but with a new word "I'm disappointed"..  LOL
I know they feel bad in changing the routines, but honestly, I'm glad!! Because it is important for Cory to understand that not ALL always will be the same, he has to accept the changes and the situations.  The other night, he missed bathtime because we were outside playing and he got upset with it.  It was almost his bedtime anyway.  So he had a hard time with that...we stick with it though.   Or if we were coming home from after an outing, its already past his bedtime, so usually he goes straight to bed without bath, books etc.  He gets into fits.   We are working on "you need to accept it"..eventually THAT will be accepted as part of his life.

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