oy iy iy..watching this replay in my head in slow motion...

Poor Cory..he fell riding his bike down the steep hill near CA's school.  FACE splat first on the concrete..and dragged him down a feet after.   That is how fast he was going..oy oy oy.   It would have been HELPFUL if I had a FM when I hollered him to stop and wait..but unfortunately, he went down the steep hill and didn't hear me because it's really noisy at outside the school with kids running around and screaming.     Cory realized after a moment that HIS bike doesn't have brakes.  (it's the "runner" bike..) and then he couldn't stop.   Everyone were running after him but it was too late, it was the biggest wipeout I ever see..
I did a silent prayer and hope it's not too bad but seeing the bloods all over his face and two bumps on forehead. (weird that happened..considering he has his bike helmet on) But it was pushed back when he fell.  He got some scraps on his knee, both arms, hands and mostly on his face.  And his CI flew out as well about two feet away from Cory.  OY!   Imagine how fast he was going ?   Poor guy..he was really upset (and me too..)  it was tough to see.  Thanks to CA's friends helping us to get home, they took his bike, helmet, our dog Pepper while I had to carry him home.  I think the worse part is trying to clean him up while he was howling and crying, I had to give him ice cream to calm him down.  I was trying to pry a piece of rock between his teeth and one logged under his cheek's flap.  Day three, today..he is still recovering.  Yet, he hasn't touch his bike...Photo: see it for yourself.  It's NOT bad then..it was two hours ago.

It freaked me about his CI..whether he impacted on it?  He only wore one that time because of the bike helmet, it is difficult to wear both.  It seems to be ok..tough little thing!

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