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Hi.. we got a new person today as the other audiologist that Cory had before, she is finished with her terms.  This guy, T seems really nice, and when I first met with him, I had a hard time understanding him because he is not a "lip mover" or it's because I'm not used to him??   I thought oh crap..but then the interpreter came by and I didn't know they got an ASL interpreter for that appointment.  That was strange...we never ask for one and I only had to use an interpreter once at the very beginning when this is all new to us, but after that, we never had one.  Anyway, I think it was a good thing until I'm used to the new guy.  
It was interesting to see how Cory fares with him too, despite the fact that Cory can hear and understand most of the time but if its not a familiar face,...actually, its more of if its not a familar "voice"..Cory will not respond to it or it will take time for him to digested it.   When T spoke with Cory, he would look at him first, then you can see how he is figuring out what he is saying THEN Cory looked right at the interpreter for the clarification. 
We talked about the FM system, and I know everyone has their own opinions about them.  The other audiologist we had felt that it was not necessary for her reasons.  And I spoke to some of the parents regard to it, seems that yes we should get it, some said no etc.
There is a NEW product that just came out about two weeks ago, its for CI Nucleus 5 "FM" system, so basically its just a piece of boot that you can attached on to the processor.   It is a new thing and it's something that we may want to try it.  My biggest reason for Cory to have the FM is that he can use it in hearing preschool, he will probably go in January if I find one that is available...you know the government is NOT gonna provide us an ASL interpreter if I had my way so I have to opt for another choice.  So FM will helps him in noisy classroom settings and his able to hear the teacher alone. 
T is little hesitate about the FM himself, I wanted to know what his opinion etc.  ITs good to hear different people 's ideas and opinions for it.  Not just one person..it's IMPORTANT to ask around and get as many as other opinions.  T, his concerns are that people overuse the FM system and not allowing CI getting the regular stimulations as they should.   He wants Cory or CI users to relies on Cochlear Implants alone not the FM.  That is the only problem he has..and I think he is right!  You don't want to get into the habits of using FM all the times, but use it for important listening environments!   It makes sense.   We don't know if we will get it yet..its the $$ part, will they just give it to us? or will we have to get funding for it?  Or will we get a loaner first and have it on trial basis?  I would like to try it first before having to purchase it...
He is very impressed with Cory, considering he is only 3, had a late start with CI and process and is doing very well more than he has expected.  He commented that one of his client who is 6 years old and has CI for 6 years..and Cory is meeting the same expectations as her as she is right now.  Astonishing huh?  

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  1. Terrific! I was at the Hands & Voices workshop today and was really amazed at how well many of the children and young adults are doing with their CI's and aids.
    Kim S.