Choosing school?

I know that Cory is only 3 this year..but sometimes its best to start thinking NOW and planning for him to enroll Kindergarten wherever it fits especially with children who have hearing loss.   I would like to start looking, observe programs and find out what school would be best for him.   I don't want to wait until when time is closer because sometimes something can happen, the way you may not predicted it.   I know most parents would love for their kids to go same school as their siblings or in their neighbour school, but there might be a chance that it may not happen.  It's something we have to be prepare for.   It is tough to hear if your child may need to go somewhere else, I can relate to that.
I have to start planning, find out what kind of resources do these schools have, do they provide bus transportation if its not local? , find a teacher that specialized with children of hearing loss or program that will provide ASL interpreters if needed?  SO many factors we have to explore and find out what kind of "power" do we (as parents) can have to PUSH for the best education program for our child?  I hope I will have that motivation and not to fight dirty if it doesn't come to it.  It is hard to SAY at this point where Cory will be at the time..language wise and the "abilitity" to function same as his hearing peers.  Is the school equipped and updates for possible FM system?  Does school have a speech therapist on site?  If not, where can I get the funding for that? is it my job? or is this school's job?  I want the school to be PREPARED having my son there..if I want him in that school.  (prefer to pick our local neighbour school..within walking distance)  Better know NOW not later..and to allow them to prepare of having a deaf kid in their school, and be able to get the funding they need if necessary to accommodate Cory's needs.  
Another factor, I have to think..is keeping Cory together with his Deaf or Hard of Hearing peers in same program, just for their deafness identity and social awareness. So he would have that while growing up..I always want that for him. One such program, is Bear Creek, there are some kids with hearing loss and apparently they have a good program.  That is something I have to explore and find out more about it.
Yes, it may be little early to start planning but it's better than being too late!  As a parent of hearing loss child, it's time to start getting ideas.  Ask around, ask other parents who already have enrolled their child, ask your therapist, ask your local school, find out from school district and start searching and exploring.   Remember one thing, you know your child the best, fight the best you can and find the appropriate place for him.  Sometimes a dream is a reality! But reality comes first...

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