My Pumpkin with CI!

Those are the words that Cory said to Carrie-Anne today.  He just wanted to emphazied that it is HIS pumpkin..probably is because she already got one few days ago. AND she tells him that is hers.  So there!   Kids! Cory came up with his own ideas to decorate the pumpkins.  First, he wanted the markers and he drew eyes, mouth, nose, hair etc..then I was joking "what about CI?"..He had an idea and rush off to his room.  I thought oh no..he is gonna want to use his other CI and put it on..but he found the "fake" one that was attached to his bear from the hospital.  HE is so clever!!! I love it!!!!   He asked me to help to put it on .

The second pumpkin, he want to cut out the features, all by himself!!!  And he found an orange piece, he said "hat", "Mommy, please help..hat..pumpkin?"  So the rest is his own..during the crafting today.  He loved the Halloween Punch holes, and thought of gluing them on his pumpkin "cap".   See pictures..

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