IPOD...oh boy

My daughter, CA has been earning money all summer to save up for IPOD touch.  She finally got one and has been using it more than I thought. (GOOD!) To be honest I didn't think she would use it enough ..unlike her MP3 ..which has been sorely neglected for two years.  Anyway, she has been letting Cory listen some of her songs , I strongly advise her to be careful not to have it up loud or anything that would turn him off.  With CI, it is a difference experience..I have tried CD playing with songs etc.  Cory doesn't like it and asked me to turn it off.  So ..now with IPOD..Cory seems to enjoy it..or was it because of his sister?  who knows?   She has a fake IPOD and she gave it to him to play with.  He has it all the times, pretending to play with it etc.  oh oh..
Too funny, yesterday, he ran up to me and said "Where is my Iphone?"  He said the word clearly!   Im like IPhone??  I guess that is what he called it.   LOL

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