Summer is half way over..

Today we are going to Mingle and Play program at BC Family Hearing Resource Center.   We weren't sure if we were going to go when they first presented.  It's hard to see where we are in the summer at the time.  But now with CA's soccer training starting this week, we have no choice but to come home for that and now we will take an advantage of their summer program.  I have some parents encouraging us to go!! Will let you know how that goes...
Its too bad that I didn't the the opportunity to try the Whatcom Early Learning Summer Program in Washington, one thing we missed it due to being overtired and too busy the weekend before.  And second one , we opt not to go because of the distance!  So next week there is one..we will decided whether we will go or not.  Mainly, it's because of Carrie-Anne..so I have to figure out how to keep her busy too.

Yesterday we went to the TransCanada Waterslides..wow it was perfect.  NO lineups..very quiet, weather perfect..not too hot..not too cloudy either.   We lucked out...although it did closed at 5pm due to thunderstorms in the area.  But that is ok..because we were there from 11 am to 5pm.  The kids were getting tired.   One thing that we noticed..Cory did really missed out the sounds and hearing around him.  We got frustrated at times trying to tell him things or calling him out so in results we have to chase him to get his attentions!  LOL.  I did thought about letting him wearing his CI..but I was more concerned about it falling off due to the waterslide impacts.  We had to give him a Timeout for running...after several times telling him NOT to run!  (it's so slippery) I know that there is alot of kids running too.  So during Timeout, I explained to him that he has to be careful because of his CI'S and if he falls and hit his head, we would have to leave and go to the hospital to check for his head injury.  I told him that he has CI and other children doesn't.   He said to me "I don't have it on right now".   I told him that remember the surgery?  You had something implanted in your head?  You can feel the bump?"  He felt it and he was bit astonished!  Its like he didn't know about it all that time!!  IT was priceless to see the look on his face.   AND now he gets it. After Timeout, he went to tell daddy that he has to "be careful" not to run and slip because of CI! He said that!!!   So he was more careful after that!  Awesome!  It is amazing to have sign language at that level in order for him to understand things better!
We had a great day..at first he wouldn't go down the waterslides so we had to go down few times with him and once he passed that fear.  He was on his own!  He loves the tubing the best.   lol.


  1. I know and understand the challenge with the 'deaf' at the slides, or pool. this is why we do use a swim cap with the CI in side a bag underneath of it (search in You Tube 'alex swims cochlear'). At first I wasn't into the whole swim cap idea, but after seeing kristen's eyes light up as she could hear the water, and the kids playing, I knew it was ok to deal with the 'cap'...lol. She even see's the 'cap' come out, and comes running over, gives me her CI, and tries to put the 'cap' on herself! People don't even look or wonder why she's wearing it! And the safety aspect that I can tell her "stop" has been so fortunate in those really dangerous situations.

  2. i know what you're saying..but one thing. Cory is a boy! My husband is a little biased..he doesn't want Cory to wear a swim cap!!! I feel the same way too..but if I had to hear..it weights more on that side. When I was at the waterslides, I had to take off my hearing aids..I became "deaf". AND he commented that I'm so lucky to not to HEAR all that. noisy, all the screaming, etc.
    If there is something little more "boy" style..I would try it. There is something I'm thinking. Its a swim head band..have you see it before?

  3. I have got a nice lycra swim cap that's black for Kristen recently and it's very masculine...lol! I'll let you check it anyways. I'm always looking and trying different alternative things too. I did have another hat, that my mother in law seem ripped a portion out that i put the implant in in a bag, i'll explain that one to you too!