Swim Head band...something to consider?

It does bugs me that Cory is not "hearing" at the pool daily and kids try to talk to him but of course, once they realized ...it singled him out.   When we were at the Waterslides, we often had to chase him to get his attention..I can see my husband's frustrations.  I am used to it..but there are two of us now that he has to chase after.  LOL.   My husband did at one time, comments that I'm so lucky that I can't "hear" all that noises, "lucky you.." he says.  
I did realized the difference, after a swim, I would put my aids back on and got startled by all the noises at the pool.  It's louder than I realized...did I really missed out?  yes and no..

I got to thinking about Cory..is that fair?   I know that one mom has mentioned about the food saver and swim cap..check out this video.

Sean doesn't want Cory to wear a swim cap.."Over my dead body.." he says.
I have to admit..I do feel the same way..butttttttttt he is missing out the essential part of his environment!
So my search is on...I came upon this website.  I am willing to let him wear this!   Your feedbacks would be greatly appreciated!  http://www.allstarcanada.ca/contents/en-us/d24.html

He can with Nucleus 5..so it's water resistant more than other models..so add that to swim head band?  How bad could this be?  I planned to ask the audiologist at the hospital about it...just to see how they feel.


  1. Jasmines freedom went through a whole entire wash in the washing machine and still worked fine! I let her wear her nucleas in the bath tub, water park and anywhere else she goes with water! It has a 30 minute under water protection and I hightly doubt that a child would stay submerged under water with it for more than 30 minutes! Thats what warranty is for!!!

  2. My son had two freedoms and we finally got two more freedoms(trade in for old BWPs) so we decided to try the swim cap thing. Well we use aLOKSAK bag(like a ziplock bag) with a swimcap. My son is now 10 and has never worn a CI while swimming. He LOVES it. He has tourette syndrome and so behavior is an issue, and with his "ears" on while swimming his behavior is so much better.
    I have a blog too...theshaddoxboys.com if you want to check out his pic of him wearing his CI while swimming.