this is ...sad? terrible? or funny? I honestly don't know how I feel..

Well..yesterday we had our speech session since it has been a while (since end of June), we took an advantage of it if we are "home" from the summer vacations.
Anyway, she noticed that Cory has been using words a lot using his voice..which it is great!  and he did well with listening.
yes..there is a but.. coming..(I'm kinda of giggling about this..) and I am a little embarrassed too.
C (speech therapist) asked me to say few words..and some sounds.  Then she asked Cory too.  I put two and two together..and I had to ask her straightforward, "Does Cory sounds like me?"   You guess it..yes.   Oh my gosh!  It is partly my fault because sometimes when I'm talking to him..I do it slowly or putting too much effort in sounds or not "talking" to him NORMALLY as you would talk to another person.  I only did that because I think (or assumed)  it is easier for him to understand, and I assumed it would be at the start of learning process..then eventually I will talk to him normally as I would normally talk to you or me.   It is NO NO.  Cory is actually doing that!   I think I was focusing too hard on speech and trying too hard.  Knowing myself I'm not a perfect "speech" talking person for Cory so I tend try too hard. 
No harm done..it's something I have to constantly remember to not to exaggerate in any "way" with spoken language. 

Kinda of funny how someone noticed that..at least he "hereditary" my voice.  LOL  my son!

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