Week Two..second mapping

Today we went to BCCH..(what a coincidence..it was Jean's Day to show support for BC Children), to follow up our appointment.  Cory was on P3 for two days..and is adjusting very well.  From what I was told, it usually doesn't happened that fast so I was already mentally prepared to stay with at least P2 by then.   B, the audiologist did the few words testing with him (Firetruck, snowman, baseball, sailboat and bathtub) to see if he got them all WITH 2nd CI only.  He really did!  She is quite astonished..so was I.   Remember, this is very mimimum setting at this point.   She said wow..that is really good.  She never see this so fast..so it means he is working very hard to hear without using his good "ear".   C, our speech therapist, suggested that I allowed Cory to familiarized the second one without using the first one.  So, we did tried that on Sunday..but he got little mad and kept asking for it back (and plus with his foster mom there..so timing isn't good)  So I then, tried it again on Monday..for awhile.  I would pretend that I'm fixing it and putting new batteries etc.  He accepted it..but 20 minutes later he would ask for it.   Same thing on Tuesday...I took it off for about a hour..the bonus thing it worked because I told him "let's go outside.." Naturally, he would forget about it.  
So for now, it's on P3 and she wants to keep it that way for at least three weeks.  Which I thought it was odd, because the whole part of going back and forth is to increase it each time?    SO there is no P4 or P1 etc..   strange.   The main thing is that I did asked her about keeping the good ear off, and should I keep it going?  She said no..not if he's getting upset about it.   So best thing to follow his feelings with it.   But does it slow his chances of learning to hear more?  No, that what she said.  Interesting..so not really need to do it then.   whew..I just don't like to battle with him or jinx anything!
We talked about using the remote assistance..it is not the greatest thing really..I know everyone is saying it's awesome when they hears about it.  Actually, I find myself not really using it because when I do..Cory get annoyed when I do..(he can hear the beepings..)  And it get malifunctioned when I used it, switching to Telecoil etc.  AND you have to be "close enough" to get it working.  It's just close as you get from face to face conversation.  It's dumb.   AND the alarm won't go off if it's too far out.   so really Cory is in my sight and if it falls off, I can see it right there.  I think a lot of people is going to be a little disappointed with the remote assistance.  

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  1. It sound like things are going in the right direction! I know those first few months can be difficult and frustrating. Good luck!