well..it's not what I expected. The CI "Activation"

I have trouble downloading the video..sorry.  We got a new computer a while ago..and ever since..we seem have trouble with the Window Vista.  It is very frustrating software..don't get it!

This morning, Cory woke up and first thing he said was "new CI today..go to hospital!"..so we were at ease, knowing that he seems to accept it well.
While in the waiting room, I videotaped him ..I asked him "how you feel?"   He said "very excited..new CI will" in sign language.   It was so cute.
Then we went in..and Beth, the audiologist said first they will do the mapping..programming it into his processor.  She said it's not the activation yet..but Cory will or may hear some beeping sounds.   And sure enough, he responds to it.  He was all smile..and said "I can hear it..like it!..it goes beep beep beep.." and then he was happily playing with his toys.
Then it's time!  Beth told him.."are you ready?  we are going to turn it on".  Cory looked at daddy..then did a little jump..then said "on!"..the look on his face was priceless but...he looked right at me..did few blank stare then grinced, made a sour face and shaking his head.  Then he started to cry..it was pretty sad one.    I tried to coddle him..and tried to ask him "what's wrong?  like does it hurt or what are you feeling?  scared? or etc.  He just kept on crying...then finally looked at me.  Was saying something..sounds like "noo" and then he signed "finish..finish"..but unfortunately have to finish the process..
I kept on saying to him..ok I understand..but have to be patience.  It will be finish soon.  Have to do it all the way.   He then ask for food..lol.  (comfort food??)   I told him that he did a good job..patience.  And he was pretty scared..until Beth gave him a toy piano to play. He really likes it..and start playing it!   
After the activation was done. ..they had to take it and do some adjustments, add batteries, put huggies on it etc.  And then put it back on Cory..he was fine with it..but when it was turn on again.  He then start crying..so I asked him..what's wrong?  tell me tell me..he said "scared"..  then he said "different".  I explained yes..its not the same as you have with other ear..it feels different.  It will get better..it takes time.   Then I really really had to ask him this..when no one was looking..."does it hurt?" ...this is probably the biggest question I often wonder (and I bet lots of people wonder too!)   He said "nooo..this scary."   Interesting..
When we got home..we went outside to play for bit..in the backyard.  About ten minutes later, the new CI was gone!!!!!!! I'm like ?!?!?  Where it is?  Great!  on the first day, we lost it!   I asked Cory..where it is?  He pointed to the tree house...so I had to climb in and get it.  LOL.  I told him..just give it to me when you are finished with it ok?  He said "ok"..
Fast forward to two hours later (after lunch and nap)
He woke up and I only put one on...the other one was downstair.  He asked for it..so I told him where it was.  So we went to get it..and he then didn't want to put it on.   I tried to encourage him to wear it but not TURN it on..so he get used to wearing the device itself.   He was fine with it.   Sure enough, after about ten minutes..he came up to me and said "please turn it on!"   I like the fact that I'm allowing him to chose and when he is ready..he will feel ready to turn it on.  
Prior to this time..he only wore it for a hour and 20 minutes.   I guess it does bother him ..it just doesn't sound the same.

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  1. Hi Karen, just read your blog...its doesnt sound the same for the time being...because the nerves in his ear is not stabilized yet, give it time and lots of patience. Im so proud of you giving Cory choices to put it on when he is ready and to give him the freedom to turn it off when he needs to. I think the part where you switch CI on, its very bothersome, bit uncomfortable, I think that what bothers Cory at the moment....took me a lot time to get use to the part when you put the implant on. Its hard to describe it to you. But its uncomfortable, doesnt hurt but just uncomfortable moment for a few seconds. It should wear off after a week or two. All the best to you all. Hugaroos, Shirley