Tomorrow is the big DAY!!!!!! 2nd CI activation..

I wonder..how we all feel upon to this day?  I'm almost excited..just to see how it works and how it will goes.  For the past week, I have been telling Cory about it and even encouraging him to tell people about it to help ease his worries (if any?).  This is a way of preparing him...I am noticing that he is starting to accept it more and more.   Today, I just put him down for a nap.  He said to me "tomorrow, will go to hospital, get new CI".   LOL..he thinks it's bedtime!   That's what we do every night..talk about what is happening tomorrow etc.   I'm guessing here..he is excited?  He talks about it..
It's kind of mixed feelings here..I should be really thrilled about it like most parents anticipating that their child is gonna "hear" like for the first time..but for me.  I'm actually quite neutral about it.   Maybe it's because I already accepted him as a deaf person regardless he have a CI (or two) so my decision is pretty well laid back.  He is doing so good with one, even better with upgrade one.  So I know it won't be a HUGE difference by having a second one.  So maybe that is why I'm not really that excited..
I think one thing..I thought about it.  It was probably too late now.  But I should have done this way..but maybe not necessary (we'll see how it goes tomorrow)   I should have the second one on right now but not TURN it on.  Just enough for him to get used to wearing it..  dang it.   I really like that idea..than "surprise" them that way.   If it doesn't go well.  I already have prepared to let him wear it but not turn it on.   That is one plan I have in mind...
I really wish I could try it on and just to see how it feels.
I promise to videotape this..and post it if I can.   Wish us luck.
Happy Birthday Cory! LOL..what a way to remember your 3rd birthday..a new second CI!


  1. How do you find time to blog everyday?! I barely have time to do that daily with my blog! Can't wait to see what happens with it. You should videotape his reaction when they turn it on.

  2. Trust me..it's just 10-15 minutes of my time! Like during coffee break..or when Cory's napping. Or when kiddies are in bed...