jeez......please don't give my kid a candy!

I don't know what it is..but Cory seems to be a "People" magnet..and everywhere we go.  (especially in Cloverdale..where everyone knows everyone.)  I think because he is new to our family, for one.  They know that I'm deaf and now we have one deaf kid..and people tend to be more aware of us than anyone.  Not trying to sound..otherwise.   Of course, when you are using sign language in public place..people tend to stop and stare, it is a beautiful language!!!  Can't blame them.   AND of course, when Cory misbehaves, that is too, entertaining as well.  LOL.   
Just because he is deaf.........please don't give him candy!  Seems that people seem to take pity on ?  I don't know but it was never that bad with my daughter.   Maybe I'm wrong..maybe there is an aura around Cory that it tells people to "give me candy..give me candy?"   Could it be his (not too adorable) smile? 
Anyway, there was one time, we were in an insurance place, a lady gave him a candy..then she remember suddenly, to ask me for permission. (too late!)  I told her..I rather not because he never had a sucker before.  So I had to take it from him.   Of course, Cory starts screaming and hitting me..crying and such.   (Thanks..) and the lady feels really bad about it.  But I don't.   Because knowing when we leave..she will REMEMBER to ask permission first next time.  So I do this..for other parents' sakes.   You can thanks me later..with Tim Horton ice cap anytime!!!!   My girlfriend from Kelwona was telling me similar stories..and her kids would be getting candies all the times from strangers.  (she has five..by the way..) imagine the situation she goes thru?  It drives her CRAZY!!   I had to laugh..but it is really not funny.   What if we didn't know about it?...they choked on it?   or they can be allergic to candy?  or they accept one from stranger..and it could be tainted? or it can cost medical problems (diabetics)..so really please next time.  Ask me first or better yet..a sticker would be great!
Today..we did got one..I didn't noticed it until I paid for the take out and stopped suddenly to see that Cory got a sucker from a Japanese lady.   I think she noticed it..and she said to me I hope that is ok?  She is a really sweet old lady that own a sushi place in Cloverdale.  We are her regular customers...
I just grinned and said thank you.  As soon as we get into the car..I told Cory that we need to have lunch first and candy is for later.  Unfortunately, he already had a few licks...and tried to keep it away from me.  HE knows!!!!!!! I won't let him have it.   I had to try to climb in to retrieve it!  He was screaming and crying for it.  I told him that I will give him a "candy" after lunch.   He actually took his shoe off and tried to throw it at me! (bad throw..)  oy!    Came home and post this "I need a T-Shirt that said "Please do not feed me candy" for Cory" on the facebook.  LOL

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