little things count..it's good to know!

I learned so much about the process of getting CI, post-surgery CI, and mappings etc.  I really honestly think little things are important to share beforehand so we are more mentally prepared.  
One thing, during activation, I had to learn something right then..Cory was sorely disappointed that what he heard isn't what he expected.  It would have been nice to warn him beforehand...
The beepings before activation..(downloading..), and maybe should have warned me that it doesn't hurt..what it feels like etc.  I think I am surprised with his reaction...it kinda of made me feel bad about it.  I feel bad NOT telling him what to expect.  He trusts me..I tell him everything.  
Another thing, Cory has been really tired lately..he has a hard time waking up from nap for the past week.  I found out from a friend yesterday that after activation, she finds herself feeling exhausted and would like to take a break now and then from using her CI.  Well, I feel bad for waking Cory up and trying to stick with routines.  But I do get it because I do feel the same way after a long day from school, or workshop or work.  I would like to take a little nap depending on "how much I am listening through the day"..the more I'm listening..the more tired I am.   So today..I am happy to let him sleep more than a hour..to get the rest he needs.  His brain is working hard with listening through the day.  I'll try to post more "helpful" hints from the experiences for other parents/kids who will be getting CI.  It is nice to know..isn't it?  

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  1. It is true that needing more sleep when listening so much during the day. When I'm around people that don't sign and talk all day long. It just wears me out faster and get me grumpy. I tend to want to sleep more than normally. Even though I don't have CI or that Cory gets both; signing and speech. It must be very tiring for him regardless.