Upgrade NEW CI...nice!

Cory got a new CI processor (upgrade from his old one so it will be the same as his other one when it's time)    It is really exciting and so much better.  Cory doesn't seem not need to wear the lite cable (baby wear) anymore.  Yessss!!!!
We had our ENT follow up appointment yesterday and at the same time, we were lucky enough to come in to adjust his new CI.   Cory was a little upset because he thought it was going to be the other "side"...and I had to keep telling him no..its not "ready"..it has to heal first.   And I am using words like "replace old with new one" etc.   He was a little resistant at first, kept pointing to other side.  Oh boy..I have a picture of him..but unfortunately I can't show his face! but you can see the body language.  Anyway, he finally accepted that he is wearing the new one.  He seems to like it..no wire and such.  
As for the new one, Beth said it has arrived and I was like no no don't show it to him!  He will get upset if he doesn't get it.   But will get it on April 22nd for activation!  Look forward to this..and she also explained to me that it will not sound the same as he normally hears.  So I have to explain to him and warn him, he might not like it..he might accept it.  who knows?  It's another journey for us to embark on...

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