My heart is racing when I write this...ugh.  We just got home after Pepper's Vet appointment.   For the first time, Cory took off running and ran across the road!!!!!!!  I yelled at him "STOP" but he seems didn't hear me.  He wore a toque today because its really cold and windy.  I don't know if that "block" his hearing.  But I THANK GOD that there were no cars around that time.  oy!!! Seriously, he never done that before, took off running to across the road!   I was really upset.  Maybe its time to teach him safety and such.  Words like "not safe, dangerous, will hurt,"..
In the meantime, I am doing bit of testing..to see if he could hear me through helmet, toque, hat etc.  Im really curious if anyone notice that?
I still can't believe it!  Talk about CLOSE call!

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