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You know..I really wish people would leave comments in my blog..because when I come around.  They are saying "oh I read your blog..and I love it or hate it or whatever..etc." and give me feedbacks.  It's ok to leave me any feedbacks..good or bad.  I'm a big girl I can take it..If its reallllllly bad. I 'll take it out.  LOL.
Seriously, I didn't think people are really reading this..because I hear nothing...................( :) )  That is the case here...read on...

Sean was at preschool today..he "overheard" few comments about how our kids are acting different around at certain places.  Some of the moms were saying that their kid does use his/her speech way more around them or at home.   And doesn't do much at school, or during "speech" sesssions..oh!  that is something we learn today.   I did mentioned to Sean that..Cory doesn't seems to use his speech as much as I thought.  Like I mentioned in my last blog..and Sean said.."what are you talking about?????"  He is using words a lot!  and pointed out each one during our dinner conversation.  I have to admitted I was bit dumbfounded.. (duhhhh)  I can't hear it..that is the downside.  Don't get me wrong.. I CAN hear him saying something..but not words because he is too fast to lipread or not even looking at me etc.   It's really tough.   I assumed it's blabbling stuff... 
And of course, he is not gonna show or say it with our speech therapist either.   So..he is comfortable to use it with us.  INTERESTING!!!
I gave CA a simple task..a notepad and a pen. Every words, Cory said..to write it down.

And remember my eariler blog, few weeks ago..I gave you a website to check out what it is like for me to hearing certain things?   So you can see what I mean about not able to catch Cory's with his speech developments?  go figure..
if you haven't.   Here it is..http://www.betterhearing.org/hearing_loss/hearing_loss_simulator/index.cfm
(Mine  is "Moderate")

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