Speech..is somewhat coming along.

I think we are little worried..but maybe we shouldn't.  Cory's speech isn't coming along like it should be or as we would expected.  Is it because he doesn't want to?  or it is because he is too busy playing and wanting to be a boy.  Or is it because a boy thing?   You know how fast he learned with sign language and he is 3.5 age of expressive and receptive is more..not yet have data.   We are not sure if its something that we have to adjust his CI for more clear speech?  or wait until the second one come..?  But I'm just happy that he is communicating his own way with using sign language than better none!  We do noted his "blabbling stage" right now..and he is using a word or two and lots of sounds.   He would try to repeat the words in his own pace.  but when we are doing speech sessions..he doesn't really want to do it.  He kept saying he wants to play.   I can see why at certain times, with certain speech therapists need to be firm and try to work at it.  They want the same success as we do..... yet, I hear horror stories about speech therapists or at session times.    It's not that they want to hurt anyone or try to do something that we, as a parents, may not like it or take it the wrong way.   They are here to help us..and if our kids are not doing or focus as they want to.  It means we have to do something different..   Otherwise, speech/language won't come along as you would want to.   (unfortunately)    For Cory, the main thing is..he has to learn that this is the time to do speech, this is the time to play.  And keep it separate.  He has to learn that..because it is something he may do for a long time..so when it's a better time to do that? Now..not later.   We are going to work on.."Listening time" (it means auditory, speech focus etc.)   and label it as part of on going sessions.   We will do bit of "playing" at his own pace, then "Listening time" for 10 minutes, then he get to pick his own activity for 10 minutes. Then back to "Listening Time"..back and forth.  I look back to my time..I had speech sessions..and yes..I have to admit it was not fun.  It was DIFFERENT at my time.   It was THEIR way for a whole hour and it was long and hard.     We have to allow Cory to have some flexibility and make fun during this process.  And I want to let her (speech therapist) to do her job as best as she can.  They just have to figure out the best way to get him interested and make it more fun somehow. 
It's a good lesson for him to learn how to sit through any structured process..later on, he will fare better in circle time, story time by learning to sit and listen.  
We, as a parent, need to sit back and allow this process to take time..give feedbacks if you know that would help.  After all, we want the best for our child.  And..as the process come along..if speech isn't what Cory is best at.  Then we won't worry about it too much..as long as he still "communicate" with us.  This is why we chose to both ways of communication.

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