..LOL...opps. Cory learned a lesson.

I had to laugh..last night, Cory learned a lesson the hard way. I'm glad I let it go..and see what happens.
Every night, we would be fighting about him wanting salt in his food..naturally, I do it for him.  He wants to do it himself.  And of course, I wouldn't let him!   But after reading the book.."Rule 4..Almost any rule can be broken occasionally"... blah blah ...this left us with two further choices: beat outselves up over it, or go with the flow.  As you and I know, the only "sensible Rules" choice is to let it go..let him do it himself or get stressed over something like putting too much salt (literally)..a natural consquence will follow if occurs.  Child will learn from it..
So basically, rather fight over it every nights,  he asked for salt/pepper every time! I tried ignoring, pretending not to see him asking for one..so I'm like fine go ahead.   Even, I told him very little..but with his stubborness..he wants to do it his way!   You guess it...what happened?   He had way too much on his food, luckily only on potatos not other items..and he was so proud of it.  I'm like..whoa that is too much!! Cory!   He said "it's fine"...all of us stopped eating and eyes wide OPEN...watching him taking a bite........and the look on his face was priceless. I wish I had my camera/video.   And he didn't say anything..eyes were watery and face bit little red..and he kept on going.   Then he literally grimaced and shuddered with second bite.   And he said he doesn't want it anymore..he flapped his arms and said "water please!!"  All of us were laughing and try not to laugh.   We told him that he has to finished it (two more bites but most of the salt were gone anyway..) he didn't want to..but no dessert!    Even I asked him if he wants some more salt??  "No thank you!"...
By the way..in case you're wondering..it's seasoning salt..we never have white type at our table anyway. 

Today, he wanted to pour the milk..oh no!   this too, occurs every night, he wants to do it on his own.  So naturally, I let him do it himself.     Oh well...our dining floor needs washing anyway.  Thank god, its not a full jug.   He did pour and overflow big time, too fast and all over the table.  I made him clean it up..and no more milk left. (there was another jug in the fridge but..not telling him)  It took him a while to clean up..drip drip from table to sink..back and forth.  groannnn.   took him long time to clean up..another good lesson.  I wonder tomorrow would he let me do it for him?   grin.

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