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I found a book that I remember had before..today I looked in the basement through hundred of books I had for college studies.  One of the book is "Real Boys" by William Polluck, Ph.D .  Glance through few pages, fell asleep before even getting into it.   It's really not something maybe I need right now for Cory..but I found a WONDERFUL book that I can't put it down. "THE RULES OF PARENTING" By Richard Templar.  It's almost like a bible for parents..read it bit each day.  I find myself really hook into it..and it made me a better person.  Really!!!  I think it's just the way the world are today..we forget to be "parents" at times.  I'm just thankful that I'm not working at this moment.  It allows me to be more freedom, being myself and a mom.  ITS A MUST READ...for all parents!!! You won't be disappointed.  Go buy one!  It's only 10 bucks at Costco..
You can check it out the reviews: http://www.pearsoned.co.uk/Bookshop/detail.asp?item=100000000245402 

I'll give you one example:  Rule #7  "It's Normal to Want to Escape"....heheh..that's for me.  Quote..Funny thing is, it's considered fine to be irriated by other people's children (not that you're supposed to say so to their face).  So we all know kids can get on our nerves. Which is why it follows that your own kids can drive you mad at times. AND that's OK.  
I like that..so I'm not insane.   Its most HONEST (brutally) OPEN book I ever read.  I would love to share little bit with that book each time..
I am going to admit something...last night, I just took off.  Sean was out fishing all day..supposedly to be home around 3pm..and didn't get home until 7:30pm.  I was a little tired, stressed out..(plus the fact that Sean and his friends got stuck on Fraser river and couldn't get to shore safety) and Cory's behaviours all week.   I kissed my kids good night (and my husband too..that's why I said "kids"..) and just left.  Of course, where else would I go at such a late night..I went to Walmart for few hours that I never really had a chance to scoop around and find certain items, plus groceries with Tim Horton's coffee in my hands.  That is heaven!! I really needed that!   Was back about 11pm...probably the latest shopping trip I ever went.  It would be nice to have a mall that opens all night for us moms who need the "escape"..

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