that was hard...

We went to CA's first soccer game today..it was nice to see CA making new friends on her new team.  It was an exhibition game..against CA's old team from last year.  Sean decided to go fishing with his buddies for the day.   So naturally, I had to bring Cory to the game.  It's better when both of us (Sean and I) are there so we can take turns to watch Cory, play with Pepper etc..and watch CA's game at the same time.  Today I decided not to bring the dog..it was a wise decision.  It would have been too much..
Cory has a hard time not going out and play..he wants to go out and play.  Holding him back was tough..he was screaming and kicking me.   We opt to stay behind the fence so he can't get in.  He saw a park nearby..but I told him after the game we can.  Guess how many times he ask..and hit me..and whining..lots!  then he keep taking off, walking toward to the park.  I had to bring him back few times.  Sure enough..he was mad.  
He eyed a consession stand..oh great..start asking for something goodies.  I told him no money.  and I literally showed him all my pockets so he doesn't get melt downs.   (and praying that someone within the earshot WOULDN'T dare to offer some!!!!) 

Lesson one..if you're on your own..don't feel guilty about not bringing the dog.   One kid is enough.
Lesson two..make sure you have snacks, and water with you. don't bring money!  Consession stand is hard enough !
Lesson three..bring few items to keep him busy..( I didn't..but found a toy car that was in the stroller pocket)..thank god.  and an extra soccer ball.  
Lesson four..if all else fails..ask a soccer mom to take CA home, and can go home eariler. 

Lesson four..didn't happened..whew.  I gave him that warning..if you dont stop crying, whining or hitting..we'll go home RIGHT NOW.    for the rest 40 minutes..it was all good.  :)

oh ya..by the way, Sean paged me a photo of his "catch of the day"...

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