Remote Assistance from Nucleus 5..malifunction?

It was what got my attention.  Cory has his second CI on Thursday..and it has been acting little funny.  Every time I check the remote.  It was changing from P1 to P 3 etc..or it wasn't working.  then Telecoil was showing ..I turned it off...so I thought.  He wore it for awhile that day.  Then on Friday, we did speech session, and I am still figuring out the remote.  I guess it take a while to figure it out by playing.  But the button on the left side is kind of dumb because it's for telecoil.  If you hold it..you can easily accidently press that side button.  So we have to manually remember not to hold the remote this way..hold it differently.  I have the same problem with my blackberry.  My camera would go off all the times because of the side button. 
Anyway, during the day..the telecoil has been turning on several times thru the day.  Cory would tell me..one minute we are eating lunch.  Then he would make a sour face..and automatically go to his left (new) side.  I would ask "what's wrong?" each time.  He said its bothering him...so naturally I get the remote and see what is happening.  The telecoil kept appearing!  I tried to get it off..and it was better but it happened few times in the day.  Finally Cory has enough of wearing it...oy!  I did emailed to BCCH about this..and they gave me few ideas to try.  She said the processors itself is disenable for Telecoil..it shouldn't be on.  BUT..with remote..it is.  I got really frustrated with it....so I decided to forgo the remote and try do it manually with processors itself.  AND finally got it off..so far so good.   I am hearing lately with cases of kids getting second CI (not at the same time as first) hasn't been willing to wear CIs hereafter.  It would start with not wearing the second one after few weeks..the resisting and then started not wearing the first one too.  And these kids opt not to wear them anymore.    Three cases so far from facebook..all recently second CI like Cory.   Oh boy..why this came up now??  Because it's a new thing still..and we are experiencing those.    I hope this isn't the case for Cory.  If worse case scenerio, I will not let him wear the second one.  
The downside for the remote..I can't hear the alarm going off.  LOL.  It is not for me.   At least, Cory is mature enough to put it back on hisself or give it to me.  

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