puh..wheeeeeeeee and BOOM! Where the heck it came from???

WOW..what an explosive language he has been having lately..I don't know if its because of second CI or is one of those thing that just happened like "overnight".. or it's just a fluke. I think.  Since we got home yesterday from preschool, my god..that kid is a chatterbox now! word there, word here, blah blah..both signings and verbally!!!!  My ears and eyes are so tired now for just listening to him!  When Sean got home, I'm like helppppp..you take over.  He didn't get it.  He thought it's more of energy thing that Cory has is making me tired and wore out.  Nope..I didn't say anything because I wanted Sean to see it himself.  He was eating in our kitchen nook and I was in family room with Cory.  Cory was literally chatting with me..this and that over and over..both signs and verbals.  Sean was astonished..he stopped eating and watching.   I finally gave him that nod.."now you see it..this kid won't stop talking".   I'm lying there and talking to Cory back and forth like conversation..he is like an energized pink rabbit that kept on going and going.  I KID you not!!!   Sean started to laugh and CA too..both them were just amazed with this suddenly explosive language coming out of him!  
I told them that in the last hour, we were chatting over dinner..were talking about different things.  He was recalling everything at preschool today, planting seed, dirt, add water.  Talked about playing with Liam, being silly, knocking off blocks, talked about Emerson's cuts on his face, how his brother scatched him, new boy in school today, foster mom came to visit and went home today..blah blah..everything!   I wish I had a video camera that time to show our speech therapy or anyone who can see this!!!

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