Post Surgery..Day 12 Still tender?

In this photo, you can see some hard crust like substance still stuck in his hair.  I m not sure exactly what it is..some sort of super glue or.  I have a hard time washing that out.  Literally, I'm trying to pick it out but Cory would be grimacing when I do that. any ideas???
Oy!..I was given a go ahead to wash his hair after 10 days.  Yup!  It is hard NOT to do that but that is why I had to give Cory very short short haircut..not much to wash it. Other than just using facecloth "bath"..easiest that way.   So on Saturday, he was screaming his head off, he doesn't want me to wash his head, submerge in the bath water.  Oh boy..I'm not sure if it's because of his surgery or it is behaviour again.  (it's the same behaviour we had when we first got him..he doesn't like getting his head wet.)  Right at the beginning, we would start washing his hair before letting him play with toys..and put up with his resistings and screamings. I remember having to do that really quick so it make it's not too bad for him..you know?  Eventually he started to get used to it, and was accepting it.   Now we're back to square one..so I had to do it and quick.  WOW..I never hear him screaming so bad and loud.   His face was really red!!  He was so angry. 
Tonight the same thing..whew..I need to figure this out.   I wonder if he is sensitive in that area where the stitches are or tender sore?   It's funny because in the last five days..he has been house-roughing and jumping around, boinking his head on certain things. I'm like "be careful...doesn't that hurt?" pointing his stitches (it's gone now..but the scar's there)  He said "nope".   Although he misses wearing his favorite hat..and even bike helmet too..it's still bothersome..rubs the wrong area.  
I had to hold off, not letting him go play outside for as long as I can...I was truly thankful for rainy, stormy and cold weather so we couldn't go outside and ride bikes.  To avoid for Cory's having to wear his bike helmet...he opt not to wear it because of the stitches but still insisted on riding bike.  Guess what happened?  He got the biggest meltdown..so outside time was over within 5 minutes.   So we had lousy weather in past week so thank god..it just make things easier not to go out.  Yesterday and today, can't avoid it..so we went outside but I came up with him wearing a hoodie (thin type) not too thick and he can wear it underneath his bike helmet.  It worked!   
I do asked him from time to time if it's sore or hurting.  He would point to his old scar/injury his chin!!!!!!! (if you read my blog before..that was a month ago!)   so I am not sure.   Im curious to know if anyone experiences that ..please leave a comment so others can benefits from it as well. 
A friend of mine who has CI too, it was almost a year ago..wow that is fast.   She suggested a GEL like pillow for sleeping.  She mentioned how it was sore and hard for her to sleep on her CI side for almost 6 months to a year.   I did went out and looked at two different places..couldn't find one.   Maybe next weekend if we go down to USA..I'll look there.  It was former Linen and Thing store that has one..

I am pleased to tell you that Nucleus 5 is awesome!   Cory doesn't wear baby wear anymore..and it hasn't fall off once!!!! and for some reasons it stay up longer than the old one.  Maybe it's lighter and it doesn't fall off as much as Freedom type.   He loves it!  and he has been saying more words these days..:)   Still use sign language as primary and foundation for language purposes.   I try not to sign to him as much so he would get the full verbal understanding, and when he doesn't get it. Then I would sign to him.  It's only when we are "testing" and practicing.  I wouldn't do that during conversation time or story time etc ..that's not fair.  I want him to sign to me anyway..because even though he may say a word or two.  I'm not hearing it like everyone would.  So it's important that he and I have that relationship through sign language.

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